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About Us

Genspect is a multi-disciplinary company whose aim is to provide the best inspection and testing services to their clients while maintaining premier quality and cost-effective solutions. Our team of experts is problem solvers who are ready to face your toughest projects. We are the go-to company to fulfill your operational, engineering, quality control, and technical needs.

At Genspect, we take pride in our advanced solutions that not only elevate our business operations but also provide excellence to our clients. As a company, we strive to maintain integrity and trust to ensure the highest quality service to the people we serve. With streamlined processes, proactive planning, and effective communication, we ensure that your project progresses seamlessly, meeting crucial deadlines.

This mission is supported by founder, Sean Simon, who has an extensive background in HVAC, building codes, commercial mechanical & plumbing, and construction management. With the help of his team, Sean is continuously committed to providing top-tier service with great urgency and high efficiency.

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