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Private Provider Inspections

Genspect is a multidiscipline inspection company,that specializes in private provider inspections and plan reviews for code compliance in the state of Florida.as per F.S 553.791

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Complete inspections for Building code compliance.


To set the minimum requirements to protect the health ,safety and the welfare of the public.


To correct the application of the provisions in keeping with the intent and purpose of the code.


Determining the equivalency for a product or design that is not specified by the code.

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Our focus is on delivering exceptional services tailored to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.


We believe in communication and transparency throughout the project and trust in our processes.


We embrace cutting-edge technologies approaches to deliver creative solutions for your engineering challenges.


We optimize our processes and resources to provide efficient and timely services without compromising quality.

Plan Reviews

40 year Inspection


At Genspect our purpose is to provide building code inspectors to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through MEP inspections at various stages of construction to verify that it meets minimum acceptable standards. Our inspections not only address structural strength of buildings, but a multitude of fire and life safety provisions, healthy and energy-efficient environments, and safe plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems.


Building Code Compliance

Ensure your structures meet all necessary building codes with our expert guidance and comprehensive assessments.

Mixed-use & Commercial

Commercial Building Code Compliance

Specialized expertise in commercial construction ensures compliance with building codes for a safe and compliant work environment.

Perfect Project Solutions

Perfect Project Solutions: At Genspect, we offer tailored and comprehensive services to provide ideal solutions for your projects. With our expertise in various engineering disciplines, including geotechnical engineering, construction material testing, quality control inspection, and more, we ensure the success and seamless execution of your endeavors. Trust us for perfect project outcomes.

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At Genspect, we prioritize efficiency and timely project delivery. Our dedicated team understands the urgency of your project and works diligently to provide swift and responsive services. With streamlined processes, proactive planning, and effective communication, we ensure your project progresses seamlessly, meeting crucial deadlines. Trust us for fast, reliable, and efficient solutions that never compromise on quality or precision.


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