Roof Consulting

Our roof consulting services help property owners make informed decisions about maintenance, repair, and replacement. We conduct thorough inspections, assess roof conditions, and provide recommendations for optimal performance and longevity.

Structural Engineering

The proper installation and maintenance of a roofing system is essential in extending the life of the building envelope.

Inspection and routine maintenance to correct deficient conditions can significantly increase the long-term life of any roofing system. Our team of experienced professionals are well-versed in current roofing standards and procedures to insure the roofing system is property installed and will maximize its designed, serviceable life. We utilizes such tools as infrared cameras to offer a fast and affordable method to accurately assess existing roofing conditions. Our services include condition assessments, specification development, bidding and contract preparation, cost estimates, planning and schedules, and professional construction administration and project management services.

Genspect provided specifications and procured bids for the re-roofing project.

They analyzed bids and ensured compliance with building codes.

Genspect performed project oversight to ensure replacement met specifications.

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